​Blue Butterfly

​​​Kissed through a veil

​Caught In Sync

The Kokopelli

Star gazers and roses

Art Gallery

​Flowering Tea

Music plays an essential part, from classical to jazz, pop to rock: the end result is a product of the flow of that spontaneous and unpredictable energy. Through the years I have learned to harness this spontaneous energy during the creative process which allows me to co-create with the Source of all that exists.  I feel my work is not only a reflection of my intentions of healing myself and the world around me, but may also be a voice of a deeper connected awareness that has been awakened in me. I am a local San Francisco artist, and celebrate not only my town but my awareness behind the movement of energy that has been blossoming. if interested in any work shown here please fill out tiny form on the last page.

Be Present

Tulips with a dream catcher

Art of Marchesano

"Living isn't enough said the butterfly, one needs freedom, sunshine and a little flower"  Hans Christian Anderson