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Relaxful  •  Mindful   •   Joyful


The workshop is designed to relax and guide your attention to intention through the creative process allowing its ability to tap into your wisdom within.  It has been my experience over the last nine years that the use of tissue paper acrylic and gel work best for intentional art. The water seems to act as a tape recorder to the voice and harmony of your intentions. You do not need to be health challenged in order to benefit from any relaxation technique ,  as many health care professionals will testify. So many people have such busy schedules that you may simply just have the need  to connect with your creative side. Either way, let me be your guide while you tap into your wisdom within by creating through the power of art. The workshop operates under the same vision as the successful 10 year Art for health program at  Stanford Medical Center, check out  Every art facilitator brings their expertise to the table, mine is Intentional Art Therapy. Check out                                        

Intentional Art Therapy Facilitator: Donna Marchesano

Intentional Art Therapy Workshops

​Donna Marchesano

1845 Franklin Street Suite 604

San Francisco CA 94109

Call for appointment  ​415  749-0145

​or contact

Send me your info and the dates and times that work for you and I will try my best to accommodate your schedule.  If you prefer, call 415 749-0145. I also teach traditional art classes. There is a sliding scale to accommodate if needs truly be.

Intentional Art Therapy Workshop

                                                     Title: Sunflowers light The Way      

​Donna Marchesano    

It's about a 3 Hour Workshop     $175.00        Flexible schedules to accommodate

Intentional art therapy workshops are designed to tap into a wisdom within through the absorption into the creative process. The process, one on one, is simple and effective and you will come away with an original piece of art done by YOU for YOU.