Title : Singing Tulips/

From Your Mouth to God's Ears  

Tissue paper, acrylic, and gel

20" x 20" •  $1500.00

*Currently showing at my studio• San Francisco Ca 94109


"Consciousness paints the universe into being."    William Joseph Bray

Love: Kissed Through a Veil  

oil on canvas   •   $5500.00

Title : GRATITUDE •  Watercolor  • 18" x 24"  •  $700.00

Currently being shown at the my Studio   

 art of marchesano.com

Title : One Voice      6" x 6"

Oil on Canvas         $650.00

from the song of the same name

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" for me creating is a healing, sensual and spiritual experience, a tapping into an awareness of abundance and pure potentiality that I truly believe exists. Through my imagination I have learned to harness this spontaneous energy and co-create with the intention of sharing this healing awareness in line, color and form for you to own and enjoy. May your home be blessed by the presence of this work."

Caught In Sync     18" x 24" 

Oil on Cnvas    •   $2200.00