*​​this show features all original pieces - hand colored prints on some pieces are available please call or fill out this form for inquiries and ordering .....  .... $45.00 (price subject to change)  

RAINBOW OF POSSIBILITY  is one of the 13 pieces featured .... Created to Celebrate women with extraordinary vision that dwell in the possibility of making all our lives better .....  RAINBOW OF POSSIBILITY/ (a birds eye view) is a valued and welcomed addition to anyones art collection 

metallic silver and colored acrylic on clay board .... 5" x 7" framed 8" x 10' small but powerful.  $250.00 original

Hi Everyone ......setting up page with detailed price list for the show at Hot Cookie ..... will be updating later in the day...

9" x 12" watercolors from $650. - 850.

8" x 10" framed 5" x 7" from $125-350.00

​Under Construction   20" x 20" oil on canvas     $2800.00

Show at Quetzal is Under Construction

​Sports Zone.   9" x 12"    

​Watercolor.   $750.00

​below is a little background on 2 of the 13 pieces featured at the show this month.

Morning on Columbus  9" x 12"

Watercolor      $750.00

Morning on Polk St  9" x 10" 

Archival Ink on paper.  $850.00

​​Art of Marchesano

Art for Innovative People​​

​Rumi in a drop

Empowering the spirit of this quote was the focus of this piece of art. Acrylic and Archival ink

on a cradled board       16" x 20" X 2".

As I was painting it, 3 Whales washed up on on ocean beach the direction of the canvas moved and her eyes became the ancient eyes of a whale and behind the veil of green swims another.    $2240.00