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Walking in Clover @ the Royal Ground

oil on canvas  • 21" x 17"   $2400.00

 "Morning Meds • @ my studio • acrylic wash,

ink, paper framed • 13" x10"    $ 340.00 

​See me, Beta • oil on canvas • 24" x 18" • $1550.00

See me, Woman with iPad • oil on canvas • 14" x 11" x 2"  $650.00

 Night at the De Young @ my studio 

oil on canvas * 24" x 36"  $1750.00

Gratitude • Watercolor on Canvas

18" x 24"       $700.00   @ my studio


According to Dr David Hawkin's almost 40 year research on the subject of Kinesiology and it's effect on the human body, experiencing a piece of original artwork makes you strong. From the book Power Vs. Force by Dr David Hawkins.

​Welcome to the Show

To the left, "Woman with iPad" She has the skeleton key in her head. It opens the locks outside as well as inside her iPad. I use the iPad as a reflection of who she is. She has the ultimate power of change and transformation.

To the right, "Beta" was done when I became fascinated by the Greek alphabet. I was celebrating the ability and freedom of movement I had found. The night I was inspired to start this canvas I chased the moon all over town.



During the 20+ years that I was sick and struggling to regain some sort of quality of life, I returned to the one thing that was in my power to do.  Art.  When I told the people around me that I used intentions before creating each piece, small steps towards health, they just didn't understand how powerful it was. I knew because I was in the process of healing.  Now when they see me, I am healthier than I have been in twenty years. I am still in awe and feel incredibly blessed to be on this journey and to help others feel the JOY and share what I have learned."  

Donna Marchesano

Contemporary Consciousness Artist

Art Facilitator: Intentional Art Therapy 

art of

Hi Welcome to my site and the power of original art

The Power of Original Art

From the classics of oil, acrylic and illustration to the mixed media of tissue paper, acrylic and gel, this collection of works are examples of many years of working with intention of healing, creating abundance.

These paintings were produced to tap into a wisdom and an inherent joy that I believe exists and wow ………now the science is in…….

 is transferable.

oil  •  acrylic • mixed media   • 8 images