Art of Marchesano

1) Celebrating SF Gay Pride

2) Noami and Mozart

3) woman with key

4) Gandhi Quote

5) Strawberry Fields Forever

6) Rumi Quote

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​For me creating is a healing, sensual and spiritual experience of tapping into a wisdom space that I truly believe exists.  I either sketch directly onto to the canvas or paper, or take my sketchbook out to determine the movement and the flow of the work. Because of the miraculous healing blessings I have received I strive to create through my work: the inherent joy I see in my imagination, to impart the knowledge and the power of art to heal, and the ability to produce a paradigm shift for the viewer. During my creative process, I either work from memory, sketches , still life, photos ( sometimes all four) to achieve my intention for the work and also allow  the present moment determine the direction of the piece.