with over 90 proud owners of Intentional Art Imagery this is just a small taste of paintings investors have purchased or commisioned me to do over the years

This commission hangs in Florida. Thanks Maryrose

This one is in San Francisco. Thanks Derrik

​This painting now hangs in SF ...Thanks Harmony and Jen

This canvas is ready to pick up or ship. Done in oil, it is an intentional depiction of the spirit of San Francisco and people who live here. These three were familiar faces at my local coffee shop and one day sitting at the curb I noticed that the colors they were dressed in were red, white and blue. At that time, America was in and supporting the Afghanistan war, which seemed to me at that moment, to be a stark contrast to the fuck war patch on the genes E.J.wore most of the time. I was fascinated to depict them. After I told them that I was going to paint them, E.J. ( center) chimed in that he liked a more impressionist style, profeesor Kelly to his right liked more realism, an Clio liked Cubism. oddly after many workings of this piece, the only way I could make the depiction of three styles of work to my satisfaction was to move everything in blue around the central figure. "My intention for this piece was to be an overly overt statement against war, and I felt by capturing E.J. as he flashed the tour buses that went by on Polk Street with his patch, (most people at the time were in favor of the war in Afghanistan) ,I put a face to the side of the U.S. that understood that no war is a good war, that was is unsustainable and unacceptable."


These commission hangs in New Hampshire..Thanks Dennis

These painting now hang in Washington state Thanks David


 I hope I get to meet you when I'm out painting and thank you in person. please feel free to contact me for any questions on the painting you see here and or commissions.

This painting hangs in a home in New Jersey  Thanks Sue and Eric

This painting now hangs in New Jersey ... Thanks Irene

Fuck War        22" x 28" acryliclic on canvas  $2500.        .

This hangs in Texas ....Thanks Amy​

​This painting hangs in South Korea... Thank you Ensue

​​​​​Art of Marchesano

Contemporary Consciousness Art

This painting hangs in Stockholm. Thanks JoAnna

This commission hangs in SF. Thanks Jacob, Annie and the Arie

​These paintings and commission are hanging in Washington DC ...Thanks Sammy

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